Investment Properties

TIME IS MONEY. Time and money are the two most important aspects of investment residential projects. If you are an investment property owner, or are looking to become one, the following information will prove to be extremely valuable.

If you re searching for a Maryland electrician, then you should know that Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been working with residential real estate investors in the Baltimore and Baltimore City ares for many years. With continued success and repeat business from our investor clients, Cross Electric is proving to be the premier electrical contractor for Baltimore area real estate investors.

The continued success is a direct result of the following:

  • Absolute and continued communication with the client throughout the corse of the project.
  • We always meet deadlines.
  • We never do the same job twice.
  • We are well versed in ALL Baltimore and Baltimore City Electrical codes.
  • Our work is always safe, correct, and reliable.

Cross Electrical Contractors offers the very best work with very competitive pricing. Do not be fooled by the price tag of an unlicensed person doing electrical work for you. You may think you are saving a buck, but you will end up paying $10 to do so. It is far more profitable to the investor to pay a quality, reliable, and licensed contractor, that does excellent work and not have to worry about fines from the city or the safety of the electrical system they installed. We have seen and repaired dozens of home's electrical disasters due to unqualified contractors.

Knowing the national codes is a must for any electrician, but they are just the minimum codes. Every County has their own specific codes and variations of the national code that they implement in their jurisdiction. Knowing these local codes is very important, and not knowing them can cost hundreds and even thousands in material and labor to correct mistakes. Cross Electrical Contractors continually educates our electricians in all local codes and regulations so you can be assured that your project will be done right the first time

Our investor client base is 100% repeat business, and more than half of those do not even except other electrical bids for their projects; in the business where it is always about the bottom line, that says a lot.

If you want the profitability and peace of mind in hiring the premier electrical contractors for you next project, contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. today.